Free Flash Fiction by AJ Kirby

Posted: March 21, 2012 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Freebies, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

DesireRight. I’m back from Africa today to all sorts of disasters (email hacked etc). So before I get around to telling y’all about what happened out there, I’d better get some email security systems back up and running. So for now, here’s a link to two flash fictions by yours truly, which have been published on the Morgen Bailey Flash Fiction Friday blog.

  1. PS, The first story’s called ‘Desire’, and if you read it, you might get a clue as to why I’ve put up a pic of a sleeping feller (not me)…

  2. morgenbailey says:

    Sorry to hear about your hacking but hope you had a good time out there. Welcome home. 🙂

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