Hell Hath No Fury… New Review of ‘The Haunting of Annie Nicol’ by AJ Kirby

Posted: April 27, 2012 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Other Writing by AJ Kirby, Reviews of AJ Kirby's Work, TWB Press Author AJ Kirby

The Haunting of Annie NicolMy ebook novelette, ‘The Haunting of Annie Nicol’ (TWB Press, April 2012) has received a glowing review today from Dean Giles, author of ‘Alien Apocalypse’. Thank you Dean.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a copy of the book.

And here’s the review in full:

Hell hath no fury…

John Paul is a loser, well, that’s how he views himself anyway. His life as a salesman barely provides him with enough to support his family. He relies of his father’s help to keep a roof over his wife and daughter’s heads.

JP’s brother, Christopher, is a high flying lawyer and works hard to compound JP’s negativity. Christopher would like nothing more than to see his brother fail. But as far as JP is concerned, it’s too late, he’s already failed.

JP sits atop the hill daydreaming of living in the old Manor House owned by his father, now boarded up and empty. He wishes he could restore it to its former glory and raise his family in comfort.

As JP screws up another loosing gambling slip he reluctantly makes his way home to his depressed wife.

After receiving some news JP’s life is transformed. All his dreams seem to be answered until right before his eyes his daughter transforms into something evil. She takes on the personality of an old woman with a deep grievance that spans the grave.

JP’s dreams quickly slip away. But as he works to keep his family safe and together he realises a truth that’s more valuable than anything else. A truth that will save his family and finally free his daughter from her haunting.

I’m loving everything I read by Andrew Kirby at the moment. He really knows how to deliver an unsettling tale. Some of the scenes in this short novelette had the hairs on my neck standing up, especially the parts where you hear the old woman talking through Annie.

The main character is very well written and I had heaps of empathy for him.

At its heart this is a story about what’s important in life, and what would happen if the thing you hold most sacred was threatened. It’s about fighting for what you believe in and self understanding. But most of all it’s about looking inwardly and understanding what you already have, and how important that really is. Sometimes we strive for the unattainable and forget what’s right under our noses.

Rather than leaving this story scared, it left me with a life affirming glow. And that’s what I liked best about it. 


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