July Book of the Month – Niceville, by Carsten Stroud

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Books of the Month, Writing Talk

Look wot I did. I went and did a review of this excellent dark fiction newbie book from Carsten Stroud. And now I’m recommending it to you. So here goes, here’s my review of Niceville on the New York Journal of Books website.

And here’s an extracterooney:

Niceville Carsten Stroud“From an excellent premise, Mr. Stroud builds a compulsive narrative that recalls the best of Stephen King, but with a twist—as though Elmore Leonard got ahold of a King manuscript just before it was submitted to the publisher and made some subtle alterations, slightly warping the characters and knocking them off center. Some of the characters in Niceville may leave a nasty taste in the mouth, but the overall composition is hearty and satisfying.”

Take a pinch of brilliant characters. Stir in some snappy dialogue and a helping of high-octane plot. Blend with a fantastically spooky location and serve hot. Carsten Stroud’s bouillabaisse of a new novel is a simmering read; one part thriller, one part suspense, and taken with a hefty sprinkling of supernatural hot spice, it’s one of the most compulsive page-turners of the year.

Written with real gusto, so that the reader can feel the author’s sheer enjoyment in the writing with every word, it’s a story in which the devil gets all the good lines. It’s a story in which an ancient grudge collides with a very modern revenge. It’s a story of wicked, and wickeder people stewing in a town that gives a whole new meaning to “haunted by history.”

And if you want to give another dark fiction small town extravaganza book a try, here’s another I’d recommend.

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