Kindle Freebies: To Download or Not to Download, Lad.

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Bully by AJ Kirby, Freebies, Other Writing by AJ Kirby, Reviews of AJ Kirby's Work, Writing Talk

Bully CoverMy recent experiment to release a couple of ebooks from my back catalogue for free – for a limited time only – on Amazon, provided mixed results. The plus points: it provided excellent ‘free’ advertising for my most recent releases, and helped get the books ‘out there’ so the public could access them easily. The knock-on results of this were a brilliant genre no. 1 on the Kindle pages, and increased traffic coming my way, as reported on these pages.

But, strangely, offering the books for free also brought the trolls out. Suddenly, a couple of snotty reviews appeared in the Reviews section of Bully which had previously shown only 4 and 5 starred reviews. ‘Parky’, who, to be fair to him is knocking on a bit, wrote: “too much swearing and boring sorry”. At least he apologised. Terry from Gloucestershire found himself so riled, he was moved to write that “free” was “too expensive” and again pointed to the “continual use of the F word” as a drawback, despite admitting that he is “guilty using it at work”. I can only presume, therefore, that our Tez is reviewing under an assumed name. Perhaps he is Gordon Fecking Ramsey.

Anyway, a couple of hardy recent reviewers have leapt to my defence. Mr. Carroll from Manchester notes that Bully is “well written book that deserves to be up there with Ramsay Campbell and James Herbert” (high praise indeed) and Penelope Jones observes:  “The book is well written, and the author manages to make you feel compassion for the protagonist who should be completely unlikeable. Good characters, setting and plot. Well worth a read.”

In summary, you have to take the rough with the smooth in these things, and I’m delighted some of my work is getting out there and finding a new readership. And all those who don’t like it can fuck right off. (Joking.)

Anyhowzup, if you fancy throwing in your own twopenneth, give it a whirl on the reviews page here.


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