Guest Post: ‘A Writer’s Journey’ by G.W. Huber

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Guest Blogs, Writing Talk

My second guest blog this week comes from dark fiction/ horror author  G. William Huber (links to whose books can be found below, and on my Read Other Authors page). Greg has been kind enough to write about his ‘author’s journey’: how he got into writing, his inspirations, and his successes. Hope you enjoy the read!


G William Huber Author ImageG. W. Huber

I was fortunate enough to get a job in advertising at a young age, (early twenties) writing ad copy.  By then I had developed a strong interest in reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz novels.  Urged on by the book Danse Macabre by King, I was soon exploring other writers of Horror Fiction and Crime novels.  These included names like Jack Ketchum, John Farris, Thomas Tryon, F, Paul Wilson, Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury, Thomas M. Disch, Frank De Felitta, and even V. C. Andrews.  Among these were authors King had recommended against.

Since I was already writing copy for professional sports teams and international companies like Seagrams, I didn’t consider short stories to be much of a jump.  Little did I know, at the onset, that these were entirely different animals.  As the years went by and my pile of fiction rejections grew, my advertising and marketing talents were increasingly in demand.  The days that I won large contracts were more fervently celebrated than the days I saw a short story get into print.

As I matured (grew in age, not necessarily wisdom) I saw my writing develop into op/ed pieces and Internet content.  When I struck out on my own, my business was a combination of advertising copywriting and SEO elements.  Every time I opened a Horror/Suspense novel, my early victories in the genre became dear, bittersweet memories.  Knowing that short stories have never been as favorable as full-length novels in the publishing world, I finally began work on my first Horror novel, WISHES.

By the time WISHES was completed, the Internet was changing the publishing world and eBooks were gaining in popularity.  I was advised by associates and my wife; Letitia Minnick, who is a highly regarded poet and editor, to consider putting some of my short stories out in electronic format.  I rewrote a couple of unpublished shorts and created a few more out of whole cloth.

Voice CoverI am now mostly retired from advertising at the relatively young age of 52, due to illness.  I devote my time to recovery, Lettie, our dog Milo and the release of my next full-length Horror Fiction novel, Requiem.

  1. Marilyn Baron says:

    Hope you’re feeling better. I love your cover and wish you the best success in your publishing future.

  2. AJ Kirby says:

    Thanks again for this great blog post…

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