Short Story News: New AJ Kirby Pieces in Two Forthcoming Anthologies…

Posted: September 13, 2012 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

Friends, Romans, countrymen, I bring you news of two new entries into the AJ Kirby canon this week. Kapow. Blam. Crash. I’ve had a brace of pieces accepted for anthologization via two publishers of some repute and I shall impart this information to thee thusly, as per the below, chaps and chapesses.

Freedom Forge CoverFirst Multiple Choice, which has been accepted into the Freedom Forge Press (say this with a Mel Gibson bellow please) Freeeeedom themed anthology, which is due for publication in early 2013 (God 2013 sounds scary). Here is the premise for the anthology: “We are looking for inspirational non-fiction accounts of people who have had to earn their freedom, defend it, or have lost it and had to regain it. For example, individuals who have left a home country to escape political or economic restrictions and find a better life by starting over have a story to tell.  Have you or someone you know ever stood up to the government on an issue of fundamental freedoms?”

Multiple Choice is a story about a crucial examination question, the answer to which defines the rest of your life.

You can check out the Freedom Forge website here.

FB CoverAnd second to be accepted is The Waiting Room Test, a sci-fi story inspired by Alan Turing’s famous ‘Turing Test’, which you can read all about here. This year is the centenary of Turing’s birth, and the story pays homage to this oft misunderstood genius. And you can find out more about him here.  The Waiting Room Test is published in the new Fiction Brigade anthology – see the website here. And if that’s too complicated, here are some easier instructions: go to and click on the covers to see options for any and all of the formats you’d like. For detailed step-by-step instructions on checkout and downloading, please see Hope that helps!

Finally, Fiction Brigade will soon be available on Amazon, so watch this space for more info, dudes.

  1. Marilyn Baron says:

    Congratulations, AJ.

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