Read This: ‘Jellyfish’ by AJ Kirby in Litro 119, ‘Ghosts’ Issue

Posted: November 5, 2012 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Freebies, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

Litro GhostsMy story, ‘Jellyfish’ has been published in Litro 119, the ‘Ghosts’ issue. You can read it online here, or you can subscribe to the print issue, or pick up from any London venue listed here.

Here’s an extract:  “Seabirds haunt an area where the contents of a bucket have been tossed. I see fish-heads. Entrails. Farther along, I almost step on a dead jellyfish. Its skin is transparent. Ghostly. Reminds me of the clear plastic bags they issue at security in the airport. I can see all the wiring inside it; looks like telephone cord. Like it has a circuit board inside it.

I used to think people were like that. That I could see right through into the heart of them. That I understood them. Thought that was what made me a good social worker. All it took was one misreading and everything fell apart.”

About Litro (from the Litro website)

Mission Statement

We are a little lit mag with a big worldview. Our mission: to discover new and emerging writers from all over the world and publish them alongside stalwarts of the literary scene, in print and online. Though we are based in London, we are also excited about reading the works of international and translated writers. We explore them through our World Series, which so far has featured talents from America, Brazil, China, the Netherlands and Spain, to name a few.

We aim to build a friendly community of writers and readers, as well as people in the publishing industry. Please join us.

The Print Magazine

Litro started out as a print magazine, but today has expanded with an online platform bringing readers everywhere regular features on literature, arts and culture. Our monthly full-colour, themed issues of fiction, nonfiction and poetry are free and, true to the magazine’s foundations, pocket-sized so you can bring them anywhere with you, to be enjoyed between your daily routines. In 2005, Litro was founded by Mike Fell to provide commuters and office workers with short stories to pass the time, offering a creative alternative to disposable papers. Initially, it was published weekly and handed out at a number of London Underground stations in the city.

You can pick up a copy of Litro from one of our stockists in London—which include libraries, galleries, bars and cafes—or, if you don’t live in London or if you prefer the convenience to have it delivered right to your door, you can make an annual or two-year subscription of ten issues (we take two months for a break), postage included. We offer both UK and international subscriptions. Please support us so we can continue bringing you great content here on Litro.

Hall of Fame

Mike Fell founded Litro in 2006. In September 2008, Mike Fell handed over the editorship of Litro to writer and live literature promoter Tom Chivers. Then came Sophie Lewis, then Katy Darby—who now continue as contributing editors to Litro. Subsequently, Alex Goodwin and Mohsen Shah took over as co-editors.

Our previous contributors include Irvine WelshYiyun LiGlyn MaxwellBenjamin Zephaniah and Andrew Crumey.


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