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Posted: January 17, 2013 in Writing Talk
secondshortreview2Hello short story lovers!
Happy New year to you all, I hope it’s treating you well and is already filled with great stories. What have we been up to? Well, the new format for the Short Review seems to be successful  – do let us know what you think, we appreciate all feedback.
Since we were last in touch, we’ve reviewed
the_mammoth_book_of_body_horror-PAUL_KANE-MARIE_OREGAN1Tiff Holland’s collection, Betty Superman (Our reviewer said: A set of fierce little stories fronted by a mother-daughter duo of bizarre appeal – a chapbook which boils the big emotions down to brassieres and road kill, chocolate bars and petrol pumps.) and interviewed Tiff; our review of the Mammoth Book of Body Horror (by AJ Kirby) (Warning: this collection could be seriously bad for your health. If a reader attempts to consume in one sitting, all hell could be unleashed. You hungry?, said our reviewer) was itself so mammoth it had to be split into two (Part 1 and Part 2 here); we reviewed Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell (Like the strange children contained therein, this book is a marvel, a species unto itself, said our reviewer) and Intrusions by Robert Aickman (A marvelous collection of dark strange stories by a great master of the genre), and most recently Best British Short Stories 2012 edited by Nicholas Royle (The dark world of Royle’s selection often takes the reader beyond daily routine into the unexpected, beyond love and beyond life itself, said our reviewer.)
Because we believe short story collections live outside of the constraints of the now, we also dug into our review archives – something we will be doing regularly – to remind you of some excellent collections: Heavier Than Air by Nona Caspers and Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories, edited by John Klima.
And on the blog, we updated our list of deadlines for short story collection contests, had a bit of a rant about the moaning about short story collections not selling, and we celebrated UK National Short Story Day,
Also, I put out a call for new editors and columnists to join the team here at Short Review Towers, and was overwhelmed and deeply gratified by the response, despite the fact that these positions are paid in nothing more than appreciation (and the odd free book). I really see it as a vote of confidence in what we are doing here. Thank you to all those of you who responded, selections are currently being made and we will be in touch shortly.
As always, happy reading!
Tania x

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