Valentine’s Day Stories… With a Twist.

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Other Writing by AJ Kirby

heartIt’s been noted that there is a rather glaring gap in the oevre of AJ Kirby. Sure I’ve done sci-fi, crime, horror and all that dark stuff, but what about something bright and breezy? What about something rosy and Valentiney? Isn’t there anything I’d like to say on the subject of relationships, or on love? Well, bearing all that in mind, here’s a few ‘relationshippy’ tales for y’all to feast your peekers on. Please note that not all of them* have happy endings…

*None of them.

– Follow this link to read my flash fiction story ‘Desire’: “His eyes are glittered with sated desire; his lips parted in the wake of a contented sigh.”

Wrap your hearing-gear around this radio drama, ‘History & Her Story’.

– And here’s ‘A Question of Trust’ : “‘Social networking’ they call it.” “In my day they called it adultery.” snorted the fat man.

– Here’s a story about sport and love: ‘Court Out’

– And here, finally, is the piece de resistance, ‘Moore’s Law of Relationships’. A story we can all learn from. Ahem.


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