A Hundred Million People Could Be Wrong – A Home Defence Update

Posted: March 26, 2013 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

Easter’s nearly upon us. This weekend, we’ll mainly be fighting off giant-sized chocolate eggs using the drifted snow which has gathered on our streets. Or else we’ll be battening down the hatches, snaffling Battenburg cake and reading the latest HDUK update, which this week features not one but two pieces by yours truly. So why don’t you wrap your peekers around the below. You know you want to.

welcome to carlos manchesterWhen hosting a party, move any clutter from the space where you’re entertaining.”

–         Pippa Middleton

Welcome to winter everyone! And it’s an ecological disaster special from Home Defence, the Internet’s only Paranoia and Lifestyle webzine. So, what bumper crop of fairly readable satire have we got for you this time round?

We start with a Special Report on this year’s great migration; with thousands heading north in search of housing.

Meanwhile our leaders cross the channel to fix the UK economy once and for all, that’s International News.

 In Travel our associate, AJ Kirby, receives an exclusive offer from reputable holiday company, Invincibled Tours.

Quentin Workshy-Fopp reflects on his party’s failure at the Eastleigh By-Election in a Westminster Diary.

Our News Round Up features Village Idiots, the latest antics of ‘Big Food’ and a pioneering scheme to get the dead back to work.

Botham Squab returns, giving the Great British public relief from the Horsemeat Scandal through a cathartic Hot Lunch.

And the Classic Album this time comes from eclectic Belgian lunatics dEUS!

Grant Mortar visits the court of Sir Carlos and reports on the antics of Merlin the Magician; that’s Sport.

While Harry Figgis reflects on the connection between our government, Burma and Desert Island Discs in How I Spend My Days.

And finally, National News finds David Cameron taking drastic action to remain in power beyond 2015.


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