Eggsellent Easter Short Story Special – ‘The Miracle in the Clearing’ in Writing Tomorrow Magazine

Posted: April 1, 2013 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

I’m eggstatic to be able to confirm that I’m the headline writer in April 2013’s Writing Tomorrow magazine, with my short fiction offering ‘The Miracle in the Clearing’. The story’s a nature tale of cynicism and redemption… and badgers. But there’s no Easter Bunny in sight. You can purchase your print copy of the magazine here, or you can download an electronic version here.

Wt cover


Richard leaves the car to the side of the road, where it won’t be seen for the dense darkness of the trees. He climbs out and thumps his feet on the spot a moment, then tugs on a new Barbour coat. Then it is round to the back of the car. He opens the trunk and sits on the lip of it as he changes his trainers for wellington boots. He closes the trunk and begins to walk, then slaps a palm against his forehead – it is not like him to forget, but recently he’s been asking his brain some newer, more difficult questions – and heads back to the car. Out of the trunk he pulls a suitcase-sized carry case. Then he walks. More swiftly now, as though he wants to put distance between him and the car.

The floury moon is out. Not full. Richard’s imagination, which has for so long been out of order, cranks into life and decides the moon looks as though something has taken a chunky bite out of it. It casts a mournful light on the road which is little more than a track really. Weeds grow like a – his imagination’s crackling now – Mohican haircut down the middle. There isn’t enough room for two cars to pass on it, so every half mile or so there is a passing point cut into the hedgerows.

And take a look at my full catalogue of published short fiction here.


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