I’m Guest-Blogging on the Morgen Bailey Writing Blog on the shift from fiction to non-fiction…

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Fergie's Finest, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

morgen-small3Continuing my frenzy of marketing activity to promote my book, ‘Fergie’s Finest’, today I’m guest blogging over at the Morgen Bailey Writing Blog on ‘the shift from fiction to non-fiction’ (for the purposes of this book, not forever.)

You can read my blog post here.

And you can buy a copy of the book here.

And here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Fergies Finest Cover with quotes“I loved the process of writing the book. It was a far more ‘community-based’ way of writing. It was far removed from my usual lonely tapping away at a keyboard. During March, April, and May, I conducted interviews, polls of fellow fans across the world, and compiled my team of Manchester United greats. Then, on a crest of a wave, and with some brilliant quotes to hand, I wrote the book. And, when Manchester United secured their record twentieth league championship, I thought the book would be released at an ideal time. The book was to be called ‘Fergie’s Finest: Sir Alex Ferguson’s Greatest Manchester United x11’.
But then came another object lesson in the pitfalls of non-fiction, especially when you choose to write about a ‘newsy’ subject. Because unlike archeologically ‘uncovering’ the imaginative stories from inside your head, in the case of non-fiction, and in this case sport, the narrative continues. It pays no heed to what you’ve already written, and the nice conclusions you’ve drawn.
Overnight, everything changed. From out of the blue, Sir Alex Ferguson, the man in question, retired. And suddenly, my manuscript had to be revised. It needed to be changed quickly, too, in order to strike while the iron was hot; while Sir Alex Ferguson was still the name on the nation’s lips.”

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