AJ Kirby Performing @ Leeds Book Fair, Friday 26th June

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Events

I’ll be wearing my Dog Horn Publishing hat (they took my stories for two anthologies, Cabala and Bite me Robot Boy, and I came runner-up in their 2011 Fiction Prize) on Friday (26th July) when I perform at the Leeds Book Fair. Here’s the poster:


And here’s the gen on Leeds Book Fair:

“We are proud to present Leeds’ first indie book fair for independent publishers, bookshops and authors in the UK. This public event will take place in the heart of Leeds at St. Johns Centre and the Arch Cafe between the 26th and 27th of July 2013.

Our theme, for this first year, is Worldwide and Alternative literature. The book fair aims to bring diverse literary cultures together and celebrate literary diversity. There will be an obvious emphasis on translations – Literature across frontiers show that only 4.5% of the worldwide literature is available in English. Our guests will also represent the rich and diverse subcultures that have settled in the United Kingdom.” 

Read more on their website here: http://leedsbookfair2013.com/



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