My Interview with “Andy Murray” for HDUK Magazine

Posted: August 28, 2013 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

kirb_Andy_Murray_CoolhairHi y’all, just thought I’d link you up to a recent interview with a chap called Andy Murray, who kindly took time out from competing in the US Open – where he is defending his championship crown – to talk to me about all things raquetball. Please note any resemblance of Andy Murray to Andy Murray is purely coincidental…

Four years on from their last encounter, Sports Reporter Grant Mortar conducts a follow up interview with Wimbledon Champ and Greatest Living Brit, Andy Murray.

Here’s an excerpt: “Thankfully, Murray’s turnaround since then has been nothing short of incredible. The kind of “learning about yourself” process rarely seen outside reality TV formats like the Apprentice, in which business knowhow is secondary to character arc. You see, Andy has discovered how to make his inner beast work for him. All that rage, all that antipathy, all that pent-up angst now grunges out of him on the tennis courts of Wimbledon, for example, where this year he became the first British player, complete with cock, to win the All England Club’s championship in 77 long years. The last time I met Andy Pandy, 89, the Scottish ne’er do well chuntered on for hours about getting “pleasure from other people’s leisure” as though it were an interview for the position of Sports Hall attendant. Now, of course, the monotone-fingernails-on-a-blackboard-voiced Murray is no longer a chump. He’s a bona fide British champ.”

Read More from HDUK – which this issue celebrates its 10th anniversary – by following these links:

Well, who’d have thought it – a full decade of everyone’s favourite Paranoia and Lifestyle webzine? Along the way there has been laughs and fear, peaks and ditches, joy and gas; so what better way of celebrating than with a bumper summer update, all for your reading pleasure?

Our lead story this time concerns increased sightings of Big Cats around Britain, that’s a Special Report.

Back on board to mark the ten-year landmark, Guest Columnist Bashar Assad presents What I Did On My Summer Holidays.

Meanwhile, the controversial fracking debate finds a proponent in our erstwhile London Mayor. Read about it in Local News.

Our News Round Up covers the Nigerian Space Programme, teachers back at school, means-testing the Winter Fuel allowance and a Brazil Spring!

The Rev. Harry Figgis investigates the strange morality of Lush Cosmetics in ‘How I Spend My Days’.

The Classic Album this time out is from San Francisco’s brilliantly understated Swell.

While International News reports on events that recently befell political fixer and scourge of immigrants everywhere, Lynton Crosby.

And finally, direct from the Parliamentary Recess, Political Celebrity Quentin Workshy-Fopp reveals the Tory policies to come.


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