friday 13th…and everything’s going bump in the night, and the shadows are creeping closer… closer… Why not electrify your chills by wrapping your reading gear around a little horror/ dark fiction?

If you’re up for a creature feature why not try out my novel Paint this town Red – available on ebook for just £1.92, here:

Or if you’re up for some revenge from beyond the grave how about checking out the best-seller, Bully – £1.98 from here:

Sharkways coverOr if you like your thrills with a more psychological twist, consider Sharkways – £2.94 from here:

Don’t have the time to read a novel? Well, how about a novella or a novelette? The Black Book is just £1.32 from here:, and The Haunting of Annie Nicol just £1.29 from here:

Don’t have any cash on you? No worries, check out these online short fictions for free:

– ‘Death by Insurance Salesman’ by AJ Kirby in Sein und Werden:

– ‘Behind the Scenes at the London Tour’ by AJ Kirby in Wordland 3:

– ‘Jellyfish’ by AJ Kirby in Litro magazine:

– ‘Corporate’ by AJ Kirby in Spinetinglers magazine:


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