Book of the Month III: ‘Cartwheel’ by Jennifer duBois

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Books of the Month, Writing Talk

Rounding off my Books of the Month for September, I’m delighted to feature the gripping, and controversial Cartwheel, by Jennifer duBois. I’ve reviewed the novel for the New York Journal of Books here:

And here’s an excerpt from the review:

“. . . an astonishing, breathtaking, and harrowing read.”

It’s all about momentum with Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois.

The novel quickly hooks the reader into the narrative and then continues to hold our attention as we roll with it, as though on a downhill slope, heading inevitably, inexorably, toward its devastating conclusion. Cartwheel inspires a cartwheel of changing emotions in the reader as it introduces us to morally complex characters in terrifying situations that are often completely out of their control. It leaves our heads spinning.

Cartwheel tells the story of Lily Hayes, an American foreign exchange student in Buenos Aires. Lily is arrested by the Argentine police, accused of the murder of her fellow exchange student—and roommate—Katy. The narrative is prefaced with an admission: “Although the themes of this book were loosely inspired by the story of Amanda Knox, this is entirely a work of fiction.”

duBois Screenshot

  1. rosannera says:

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this book, AJ. It looks fascinating and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it without this review. It will definitely go on TBR list.

  2. No problem. It really is a good read, and quite timely too, seeing as though the Amanda Knox retrial begins in Florence on Monday…

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