What can you buy for 39p these days?

Posted: September 30, 2013 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

Past and Future - Two-Way Street SignWell, you can buy a quick shot of my short fiction, that’s what. My story History and Her Story is now available to buy from AlfieDog Fiction here: http://alfiedog.com/products-page/a-j-kirby/history-and-her-story-a-j-kirby-5000-words-general/

Here’s a summary of the tale:

History professor Colin Ackers and his former student Abigail expected they’d never meet again, but a chance encounter at an airport reawakens old feelings. This is a story told from the two distinct viewpoints of the two protagonists, as they are both forced to survey the wreckage of their lives after a failed relationship. It’s a story of what might have been, what nearly was, and what isn’t any more. – See more at: http://alfiedog.com/products-page/a-j-kirby/#sthash.re9khe1X.dpuf
Or you could just buy some lard from Tesco:

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