art of v imageDes Lewis’s thought-provoking review of ‘The Art of Ventriloquism continues here: Today Des has been considering the cases of three new stories – ‘Just Desserts’, ‘9 Steps to Happiness’, and ‘Finders Keepers’. And below are a few brief highlights from the reviews.

But before that, another plug for the book, which is available in print here: And as an ebook here:

‘Just Desserts’ – “This is a hilarious exercise in restaurant meal writing full of those identified turns and phrase and conceits that I shall from now on call an enviable literary knack for Kirbyisms. Here they are mainly food expressions and metaphors and similes that slide off the reading palate like good gourmet food but then artfully cloy and clot upon that palate when the story turns bad on purpose. And for bad, I mean very very bad, gloriously bad, cruelly bad, viscerally bad.”

‘9 Steps to Happiness’ – “I have also been trying to fathom the Art of the Kirbyism. These are creative usages of language and meaning that really work. Strong and distinctive or obliquely pungent. Dense or flensed. Often humorous or blackly comic. Some are genuinely horrific. There is indeed a definite character to a Kirby work. The author as ventriloquist…? Think about that one.”

‘Finders Keepers’ – “This one has a poignancy and aftertaste (already I can tell!) that will linger long after reading it and meaningfully.”


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