When Elephants Walk Through The Gorbals Synopsis…

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Coming Soon, When Elephants Walk Through the Gorbals

Elephants cover pngWhen Elephants Walk Through the Gorbals is a gritty thriller, set in 1970s Glasgow, involving a close-to-the-edge detective, a suicidal journalist, five murders and a young art student’s chance meeting with a stranger on a train which draws him into the heart of darkness of the city. Against the backdrop of the decaying city, the characters are pushed inexorably towards a dramatic, nail-biting finale after which nothing will ever be the same again.

Meet JIM HUNTER, a mature student who has battled to escape the monotonous routine of life in a Manchester factory and win a place at the renowned Glasgow School of Art. But he’s also coming to Glasgow with a ghost from his past hot on his heels. Events in the city conspire to make Jim Hunter confront both his past and his present in order to make sense of how he should live his future. He fast realises that although you can never really run away from what scares you the most; yourself.

An undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder clouds Jim Hunter’s perception of the world. He sees connections and signs in everything; and so, when he discovers that the man who he sat next to on the train up to Glasgow (DICK COVERLEY) was brutally murdered, he determines to find out more. He finds out about another, similar murder, which took place earlier, and he goes to the police with his worries about a potential serial killer in their midst, but the police seem strangely uninterested in what Hunter has to say – especially the big, threatening detective STUART HAIN.

What Hunter doesn’t know is that his amateur detective theories are actually closer to the truth than even he would dare imagine. And it is also clear that the police know more about the murders than they are allowing the public to know. What we don’t know is whether this cover-up has been undertaken in order to avoid widespread panic in Glasgow, or whether they are actually trying to protect one of their own.

The fragile peace in the city is shattered when a journalist, BARRY PRICE, breaks the story of the third murder; the murder which proves, incontrovertibly, that they are all the work of a single killer. What’s more, the murders have all involved Englishmen, and Price’s paper is starting to champion the murderer as some kind of Scottish revolutionary. In this way, Elephants examines long-harboured frustrations of a city under the rule of a different country.

The novel asks the question; can the world be changed by art, by wonder, or does it have to be changed through darkness and death? Or is it both?


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