Re-covered, re-titled, re-invented: ‘Hangingstone’ by AJ Kirby, OUT NOW

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

white house press

hngingstone ver1Following our successful New Myths series of novellas, White House Press are now delighted to bring you the first in our NEW SERIES of novellas – GHOST STORIES. And we start with a bang… or should that be a BUMP in the night… with celebrated author AJ Kirby’s tale ‘Hangingstone’.

‘Hangingstone’ is available to buy right here.

You may recall that ‘Hangingstone’ was first serialised – Dickens-style – on the Yorkshire-based The State of the Arts website, under the name of ‘Cow and Calf’. Well now the author has changed the title to something we felt was more ghost-story-worthy. And we’re delighted with the new artwork.

You can purchase the novella as an ebook today, with the paperback coming VERY SOON.

About the Book

‘Hangingstone’ is a supernatural tale of madness, motherhood, and revenge.

Set on the wild Yorkshire moorland near Ilkley, it is the story of one…

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