SDRandCo (66)Halloween is lurching closer, like some rough beast – its hour come around at least – slouching into a street near you. Squeaking open your gate. Slavering up your garden path. Hammering at your door. Calling: Trick or Treat.

And in order to get in the mood for some thrills, chills and bellyaches, I’ve come up with a special recipe, a required reading list of my dark tales which will have you hugging your pillow just that little bit tighter.

For your starter, you could try one of my mouth-watering novelettes – perhaps you could treat your mouth to the burning sensation which comes from reading The Haunting of Annie Nicol. Or try one of the short, sharp shocks from my dedicated Halloween anthology, Trickier & Treatier?

For main course, how about getting your teeth into one of my horror novels? Dare you enter the Sharkways? Could you handle Paint this town Red? Do you tremble at the thought of Bully?

And for dessert? Well, how about Teeth?



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