Cover Reveal: Forging Freedom Volume 2

Posted: January 9, 2015 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Coming Soon, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

FF2_Final_cover_frontFreedom Forge Press have exclusively revealed the cover (left) to their forthcoming anthology, Forging Freedom II, which features my tale ‘The Girl who Stunk of Sun’. The anthology follows hot on the heels of Forging Freedoms: Dimensions, a sci-fi anthology (which featured my piece ‘Why can you never escape with escape?’) and 2013’s Forging Freedom I (which featured another of my stories).

The following is taken from the Freedom Forge Press website:

“We’re pleased to reveal the cover for Forging Freedom Volume 2. Released on the heels of our sci-fi-themed Dimensions, Forging Freedom Volume 2 features nineteen fictional and non-fiction stories highlighting our favorite theme—freedom.

This book draws from a variety of sources to include stories based on family history, imagined and stylized stories recounting actual events, and stories that aren’t quite real, but perhaps eerily enough could be given the right set of circumstances and events. The anthology takes readers from a village near Ramallah during World War I, to Saint John’s Anglican Church in Stratford, London, in 1556, to a modern-day night in jail—and many places in between.

In the cover, we envision freedom as a lush and attractive landscape that is either accessible, or something that is just beyond reach. No matter the obstacle, we believe the natural state of human beings is to be free. In all of the stories of this anthology, something stands in the way of realizing individual freedom. And it’s up to the characters in the story to break down any barriers that stand in their way—whether they be a physical wall or an intangible one.

At this time we are projecting a March 1, 2015 release date. Pre-order opportunities are also available. If you place your order now, you can score a copy of Forging Freedom Volume 2 for a pre-release price of $12.00. Pre-orders can also get copies of our other titles at a discount (check out the store link below for details).

We will accept pre-orders until February 21, 2015. Orders will be filled as soon as the title is available with some allowance of time for shipping.

If you use code SHIPFREE-FFPVOL2 at checkout, we’ll ship the order for free. You can order using the link to our secure online store, below.”



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