Hang your hat on this FREEBIE: ‘Hangingstone’

Posted: January 20, 2015 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Freebies, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

hangingFollowing on from my freebie giveaways of the past fortnight (last weeks’ Trickier & Treatier, and the previous weeks’ Teeth) I’m yet again cutting my throats, mates, in order to bring you some of my best fiction in ebook form for absolutely squat-diddley.

This week, from 20th-24th January, my novelette Hangingstone will be available for FREE from Amazon. To get your hands on a copy, follow this link.

And here’s a write-up:

‘Hangingstone’ is a supernatural tale of madness, motherhood, and revenge.

Set on the wild Yorkshire moorland near Ilkley, it is the story of one mother’s desperate attempts to reconcile herself with the (ghostly) child who was taken from her many years ago.

Hangingstone Rocks are two monoliths of millstone grit which look out upon the seemingly idyllic town of Ilkley, a place which has stored up a wealth of terrible memories, particularly in its treatment of our less than fortunate mother, who returns to the rocks again and again in order to try and find a way back into the past, to the moment her child was taken away from her.

By the Amazon top-selling dark fiction author of ‘Bully’, ‘Sharkways’, ‘Paint this town Red’, ‘The Black Book’, and ‘The Haunting of Annie Nicol’.


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