Two Weeks ‘Til Halloween: The Countdown Commences…

Posted: October 17, 2015 in Events, Sharkways by AJ Kirby, Writing Talk

It’s just a fortnight until Halloween, so I thought I’d dig out my dusty witch-hat and stir my cauldron and have a glim into the mists. Each day for the next two weeks, when the mist clears, I’ll be presenting a new blog, be it a re-visitation of one of my horror novels or short stories, or news of an ebook freebie…

Cover Image SharkToday, I’d like to revisit my 2012 novel, Sharkways  (Damnation Books). Part of the reason for my wanting to revisit the book is my stumbling upon this review of the book from 2012 on Hellnotes Horror Genre reviews. I’d never previously seen this review, so I thought I’d bring you the highlights now.

Sharkways is a clever idea of infestation with subtexts and themes of deadly sins such as sloth and greed. Few readers will have any difficulty on relating to this endeavor on some level. The themes of cognitive and spiritual conflict are unique and rarely touched upon. It’s an admirable undertaking to cover such a spectrum of adversity within one Bill Minto to struggle with his own failing faculties while at a very tangible crossroads of his own grasp of morality. ”

And: “The character of Parkes is eerie, macabre and a welcome distraction I’m sure will give shivers even unto the most cynical of readers.”

And: “The final act is delivered with such finesse it enables the reader to fill in the blanks of their own conclusion and after all, isn’t that what effective story telling is all about?”

Interested in intensifying your chills this Halloween? You can purchase the book from here.

Hellnotes review


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