Halloween Countdown Extra… New Dark Fiction Publication Alert

Posted: October 21, 2015 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Coming Soon, Events, Writing Talk


News just in… My dark fiction short story ‘The Ex-Quizzit Corpse’ has been accepted for publication by Abstract Jam magazine.  Watch this space for details of how you’ll be able to read the story when Issue 1 is published in December 2015.

The story will be my 135th published short. You can read the full menu of them here.

And here’s an extract from the story:

“Detective Clay watched as the croupier swept the last remaining handful chips off the table. Slugged back his rye, and then climbed offof his stool. Ambled across the casino floor to the cloakroom. Nicky was waiting; already holding up Clay’s leather jacket like it was a bullrag. Clay said: ‘Bar me, Nicky.’ And Nicky only grinned a Colgate smile. Was all a part of their nightly ritual.

Nicky offered him another drink, but tonight Clay wasn’t in the mood. He was a week away from retirement and he figured it might take him a week to piss away his pension in here. Might. Probably would be less. ‘Just gimme my badge and gun, and I’ll be on my way. Already I made you richer’n Croesus.’

Nicky cocked his head. Studied Clay. ‘Why the long face, Bud?’

Clay shrugged. Didn’t put much effort into it. Felt like the majority of the past few years had been one, long shrug.”

Abstract Jam


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