Who Needs Actions When You Got Words? A Home Defence Update

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Guest Blogs, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

Good day and welcome to the late 2015 Home Defence update, direct to you from a satirical Paranoia and Lifestyle Webzine that’s been proudly mocking terrorists (and those who think they can end ‘terror’) since 2004. This issue features some of my new writing. Here it is: Our exclusive Investigation looks back on a year dominated by Cecil the Lion and assorted piggery and asks – what now for Walt the Dentist? You can read it here.


And here’s what’s in store in the rest of this bumper issue:

This time our News Round Up featuring the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, an inaugural Calais Film Festival, a very Ellie Goulding Christmas and the Prime Minister’s ‘Lords Surge’.

Our favourite Guest Columnist, Bashar al-Assad, returns with his latest missive from the country on everyone’s lips (even if our correspondent is more interested in his new-found celebrity).

In Terror News, the Data Protection Bill and renewal of Trident combine to protect the UK from anyone buying nuclear submarines online.

The government’s depiction of the new Labour Leader as a terrorist sympathiser backfires wholesale in our Special Report.

Our in-house lifestyle expert and self-proclaimed Unwellness Guru covers the rise of the Wellness Blogger in Health.

And finally, in National News, the Prime Minister, ‘Diddy’ David Cameron, reassures everyone who might be concerned about this country’s drug laws.




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