‘Small Man Syndrome’ OUT NOW!

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Small Man Syndrome

Small Man Syndrome is OUT NOW. You can purchase the ebook from Amazon by following this link.

Small Man Amazon Page

Here’s the gen:

From the best-selling author of Bully and Paint This Town Red

“cinematic imagery” (The Reading List)
“astonishing prose” (The Guardian)
“naturalistic, boisterous dialogue” (Leeds Student Newspaper)
“genuine intensity” (Gorezone Magazine)
“constantly keeps you on your toes” (Speculative Book Review)

What Dale Lightwood lacks in inches he more than makes up for in attitude. Dale’s misanthropy manifests itself in his poor relations with his family, a persecution complex at work, a conviction that the rest of the world is talking down to him.
All his life Dale Lightwood has been searching for that ultimate comeback. He longs to come up with the ultimate retort which will force the world to shut up about his size once and for all.

When Dale finds himself stuck behind a cyclist on a lonely road in France one obscene gesture is all it takes for the monster inside him to be released.
This one snap decision is all it takes to send the lives of Dale Lightwood and his family into a terrifying downward spiral.

SMALL MAN SYNDROME explores the consequences of his fateful action – for Dale and his family; it journeys into the heart of darkness of Dale’s guilt as he tries to cope with what he’s done as sinister external agencies try to force his hand.


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