IT’S NO LIE! FREE EBOOK! ‘The Policy of Truth’ by A.J. Kirby

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Freebies, Other Writing by AJ Kirby

pOLICY OF Truth Front CoverI must be as mad as a March hare, or as a hatter. For every day of the next month, my dears, I’ll be giving away free books. That’s right, free books. You must have found a four-leafed clover because this promotion begins today, on St. Patrick’s Day, and runs all the way through until 20 April. Details of the full schedule of free promos can be found below, but we’ll start off by giving you the gen on our first FREEBIE. It’s my novelette, The Policy of Truth, and you’ll be able to download it FOR FREE from 17th to 21st March.

You can find out more about the book here.


And here’s the full timetable of the free books this month:

The Policy of Truth – free from 17th-21st March

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters – free from 22nd-26th March

Ace Cameron and the Red Peril – free from 27th-31st March

Hangingstone – free from 1st-5th April

Bed Peace – free from 6th-10th April

The Gavel – free from 11th-15th April

Things Won’t Fix – free from 16th-20th April


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