Your A.J. Kirby Advent Calendar: What’s Behind Door Number Nine?

Posted: December 9, 2016 in AJ Kirby Short Fiction, Events, Freebies

green-fields-hd-pictuersBehind door number nine is another free online short fiction, this time Greenfields, a sports-based story which featured in the remarkably brilliant (and sports-averse) publication Sein und Werden a few years back. You can read the story by following this link.

And here’s a brief extract:

“Bloke I know – it’s a sad story – he sets up new email accounts every other day so he can message his dead wife at her work. He gets her out of office on a pingback. I don’t know what her out of office says, but it’s probably something innocuous; something which makes him feel like she’s just taken an extra day off after the bank holiday or something and that she’ll be returning soon.

Getting the pingback only works once per email account. Hence all the different aliases. It must be quite hard work for him. But I suppose you don’t mind hard work if the alternative is facing gravestone-cold reality.

One day his wife’s work will kill off her email though and then the whole thing – her cancer, her treatment, her near-recovery, its comeback, her refusal to have any more chemo – will smash into him like an express train.

I suppose then he’ll have to move on.

Onwards and upwards as my old man used to say.”


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