Your A.J. Kirby Advent Calendar: What’s Behind Door Number Twelve?

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Events, Freebies, The Sleep of Reason

sorThings are starting to get serious, people. Behind door number twelve, we have another free ebook for you to download from Amazon… Only, this time it ain’t a short story or a novelette I’m offering. It’s only a flipping FULL LENGTH FREE NOVEL. To get your hands on a copy of The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters please follow this link. The free promo runs from today – 12th December – until 16th December.


Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery tour of the museum of sleep, a place where your dreams can stand up and walk, just the same as your nightmares.

From the bloodied pen of the author AJ Kirby comes The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, a novel of startling originality, wit, and imagination.

Charlie Prince and his father are looking for a little adventure at the weekend. They want to escape their real-world problems for a few hours. But they get a lot more than they bargained for when they visit the new museum in town. For here the exhibits are much more monstrous than the ones they face at home.

Soon Charlie discovers they are trapped inside the museum, and they are not alone. Monsters lurk in the dark corners, twitching to hunt them down. A trio of bears thunder after them in a frenzied pursuit. A mischievous not-quite-white rabbit promises to help them but ends up luring them into his lair.

And behind them all, the sinister puppet-master Howard Cunliffe lies in wait, eager to trap Charlie inside forever.

Channelling Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, this subtly dark, surreal story will ensure you’ll sleep with the light on tonight.

This is a fantastic journey for readers aged 12 and upwards.

AJ Kirby is the author of the dark fiction novels ‘Sharkways’, ‘Paint this town Red’, and ‘Bully’. He is also the author of the novellas ‘The Haunting of Annie Nicol’, and ‘The Black Book’.

Alison Littlewood, author of The Unquiet House and A Cold Season, said: “I really enjoyed reading Bully… It’s also a good chiller and keeps you turning the pages…”

Deano C from Manchester said: “A well written book that deserves to be up there with Ramsay Campbell and James Herbert.”

Foxexile said: ” I will certainly read more by this writer and I would say to anyone looking for a good read in the horror genre to pick up this book.

Heather R said: “This was a great read, and one that reaches far beyond the niche of traditional horror.”

John Johnson of Leeds said: “wonderful story”.

N. Button said: “I’d certainly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dark fiction.”

LovingKindle said: “This novel gripped me from the start to finish – from the explosive opening in Afghanistan to the grisly climax in Newton Mills. Breathtaking stuff!”

Anna Stephens said: “Bully is a very accomplished second novel for A J Kirby. There are flashes of brilliance in this well-crafted horror tale and a sure forewarning of some more excellent fiction from this talented new writer.”

Jonathan Woolley said: “anyone who has lived in any Yorkshire town in the seventies and eighties will feel something for this book; the hopelessness of the job situation reflects the darkness of and aftermath of Thatchers regime.”

Holly Stacey of Essex said: “A a gripping read with an end that makes you want to sleep with the lights on.”

Lauren G (UK) said: “The tone of the novel is excellent.”

Joseph Stanley of London said: “This book stands head and shoulders above its genre. To label is as merely horror writing is to do it a grave disservice- this is a highly accomplished work of psychological fiction. Kirby’s writing draws you in from the first line – on many occasions I felt an idea or thought was planted in the readers mind only to be brutally played out later on in the narrative. The writing is impassioned, visceral, and shockingly powerful. The dialogue in particular stands out for how convincing it is, which only makes the impact of the novel harder as it reaches a conclusion. Be warned though – this book is a darker, grittier and more disturbing read than you might expect. Kirby’s writing leaves an imprint that remains long after the book has been closed…highly recommended.”


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