Your A.J. Kirby Advent Calendar: What’s Behind Door Number Twenty-Three?

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Events, Freebies

kpBehind door number twenty-three, my publishers White House Press have another freebie treat in store for you: they’ve given me the details to pass on regarding a free promo for another of the writers in their stable, Andy Jacobi, who won their First Novel Award in 2014 for this brilliant novel, Kidney Punch. You can download the free ebook by following this link.



Shane Jackett is a fighter, born and bred.
He’s had to fight for everything, all his life.
It is all he knows how to do.

But when his family is threatened to be torn apart for a second time, Shane faces a terrible choice.

Unflinching in its honesty, and often brutal in its outlook, ‘Kidney Punch’ is the story of Shane’s coming to terms with his own masculinity in a world where there are a severe lack of adequate role models.

It’s a story about men escaping from responsibility, through drinking, fighting, running away.

It’s about trying to do the right thing when things get so bad it is not even clear what the right thing is.

This is the first novel by North-West England-based author, ANDY JACOBI, and it is already garnering high-praise from critics.


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