Don’t Be A Sheep…

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Lost Boys of Prometheus City

nllifemagThere’s a piece on The Lost Boys of Prometheus City, and its long and arduous route to publication, in this month’s North Leeds Life magazine (which boasts a lovely cover featuring sheep – see left). You can read the issue online by (sheep) dipping into this link and going to page 22.

Ewe would have to be a fool to miss reading The Lost Boys of Prometheus City. So go on, don’t let the wool gather. Grab a copy of the book today by following this link.


“We lived life closer to the sun than most. Sometimes we got blinded by it. We lived the high life. By day, we worked on the top floor of One City Square; by night, the top floors of clubs. Then back to bed at our penthouses.”

Neal Grace, Carl Sharp and Adam Warshawski are A-list. They’re young, handsome and rich. They go to all the best parties. Women want to bed them; men want their phone numbers. They are the face of brash, post-millennium Leeds, a city which is itself on its uppers.

But one false move is all it takes for these three ‘young princes’ of Leeds to tumble off their pedestal. After they instigate an incident of shocking violence against two definite Z-listers, life spins into a terrifying downward spiral for them.

Here’s a scan of the article:


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