From the Archives: Old Sportswriting by Yours Truly

Posted: November 23, 2017 in Dutch Courage, Fergie's Finest, Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning, Pride of All Europe, Sportswriting

grand national 2

But my sportswriting for Radio Five Live wasn’t just limited to football. I also enthusiastically covered other sports, including, in this case, the 2001 Grand National. I just so happened to have backed the winning horse (a massive outsider) in this case, which probably explains some of that enthusiasm…

grand national

If you’re interested in my more recent sportswriting – perhaps for a Christmas present for one of your nearest or dearest – then here’s the links to my quartet of Manchester United books: Fergie’s Finest: Sir Alex Ferguson’s Greatest Manchester United x11The Pride of All Europe: Manchester United’s Greatest Seasons in the European Cup; Louis van Gaal: Dutch Courage; Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning.

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