Paint this town Red

PTTR Front Cover SmallPaint this town Red is the title of my 2012 dark fiction novel, which was short-listed for the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize.

The novel is published by Wild Wolf Publishing, who are also the publishers of my 2009 novel, Bully.

You can purchase Paint this town Red here.

And you can purchase Bully here.


Nik on Goodreads says: “I’ve read reviews on other sites that compare it to Stephen King. There’s something in the way this is written that I found familiar,too; the author and SK have a fairly clear, uncluttered way of writing that’s easy to read and yet really evocative.

The characterisation is far and away the best I’ve read (including SK) in the horror genre. (Indeed, better than a lot of ‘conventional’ books) There are no square jawed heroes here. There are moments of heroics, yes, but the characters never stopped being interesting and, well, themselves. They’re interesting and human and flawed. They fuck up. I really kept reading for them. “


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