Behind door number three, I’m delighted to be able to link you up to an exclusive audio recording of yours truly reading an extract from my 2015 novel Small Man Syndrome. This is hosted on the Soundcloud site. You can listen to the 15 minute excerpt from Chapter 3 by following this link.

Small Man Soundcloud


From the best-selling author of Bully and Paint This Town Red

“cinematic imagery” (The Reading List)
“astonishing prose” (The Guardian)
“naturalistic, boisterous dialogue” (Leeds Student Newspaper)
“genuine intensity” (Gorezone Magazine)
“constantly keeps you on your toes” (Speculative Book Review)

What Dale Lightwood lacks in inches he more than makes up for in attitude. Dale’s misanthropy manifests itself in his poor relations with his family, a persecution complex at work, a conviction that the rest of the world is talking down to him.
All his life Dale Lightwood has been searching for that ultimate comeback. He longs to come up with the ultimate retort which will force the world to shut up about his size once and for all.

When Dale finds himself stuck behind a cyclist on a lonely road in France one obscene gesture is all it takes for the monster inside him to be released.
This one snap decision is all it takes to send the lives of Dale Lightwood and his family into a terrifying downward spiral.

SMALL MAN SYNDROME explores the consequences of his fateful action – for Dale and his family; it journeys into the heart of darkness of Dale’s guilt as he tries to cope with what he’s done as sinister external agencies try to force his hand.

houseguestsBehind door number two I’m delighted to bring you FREE ebook download of my nightmarish Christmas-themed short story How to get rid of unwanted house guests. You can download your copy of the story by following this link to its dedicated Amazon page. The free download runs from today (2nd December) until 6th December.


They come for Christmas and they just won’t leave… They eat you out of house and home… And they’re oblivious to the pain they’re causing you…

They drive you mad.

Blood is thicker than water, they say, but your family at Christmas causes you to think more and more about spilling blood…

HOW TO GET RID OF UNWANTED HOUSE GUESTS is a specially-commissioned short story which forms a part of our Christmas Chills series. It’s a story which tickles the darker side of your funny-bone, penned by the best-selling horror author AJ Kirby. If Christmas has made you feel a wee bit cynical, and thirsty for a bit of good old me-time, then this is the tale for you…

cliff_richard__94992To quote Cliff Richard (from the song Mistletoe and Wine) Christmas is a “time for giving, a time for getting.” With that in mind I thought I’d give a little thank you present to my readers in the form of a festive calendar with a little treat for every day…

But don’t worry readers, the real Sir Cliff ain’t behind door number one, just this mask (left) and also a free short story.

This one was published a couple years back, and it’s called TED THE STUD’S BUCKET LIST. You can read it on the All Due Respect blogspot here.


Jose Mourinho CoverJose Mourinho’s been in the sports news quite a bit this week following his despicable touchline antics over the past few weeks. A run of petulant behaviour culminated in the awful crime of kicking a water bottle on Sunday… I mean, imagine if I went into work and got frustrated at something and chucked a hammer… That’s perspective for you folks.

For another perspective on Mourinho, the man, the myth, why not give my book Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning a try for Christmas. Maybe by the time you gift it, United will have won a game, otherwise I’m going to have to seriously think about changing the title to The Art of Drawing…

Anyway, a new Amazon review came in last week from a Net Galley reviewer named Neil Clarke, who writes of it: “This gives a good insight into Jose Mourinho and how he has become one of the most successful and talked about managers currently in the game.”

I’m delighted to bring you news of a first 5-star review for Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning on Amazon. This brilliant write-up comes courtesy of Greville Waterman:

Amazon Review

The book continues to ride high in the Amazon charts – the paperback is in the top 20 chart for books on the Premier League and the ebook has been charting highly in the list for books on Chelsea (!?!).

Take a look here.

After the ebook release of my new football book Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning yesterday – which you can buy from here – I am delighted to announce that the paperback has now been published today! Just in time for tonight’s game at Old Trafford. You can buy the paperback from here.

aMAZON Paperback screenprint

Jose Mourinho CoverOUT NOW! My new football book, Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning. 

Published by Endeavour Press. And available RIGHT NOW as an ebook.

Expected pulication date for the paperback version: late August 2016.

Read the dedicated page for the book on this website here.

Or visit the official Facebook page for the book here.




Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo apart, the biggest, most marketable stars in world football today are the managers. The 2016-17 edition of the FA Premier League is being billed as the most exciting yet, and that’s not because of the influx of star players after the European Championships in France. Though some eye-catching names have joined the league, none have the cache of a Messi or a Ronaldo. None have the standing of a Jose Mourinho or a Pep Guardiola either. And so it is on the manager’s shoulders that the responsibility for delivering the customary Premier League spectacle falls. They are the galacticos.

With his burgeoning personal trophy cabinet, his box-office appeal, and most specifically his drama, Jose Mourinho is the biggest of the lot.

In 2016, he became manager of Manchester United, arguably the biggest club in Britain – certainly the one with the largest trophy haul, world-wide appeal, and romance.

Will it be “a match made in heaven or a marriage of convenience”, asked Hitesh Ratna in his editorial to the August 2016 issue of FourFourTwo magazine “as two giants look to restore their reputations. Will it all end happily ever after?”

Incorporating interviews with fans (of United, and of Mourinho’s former clubs), players (past and present), commentators and journalists, The Art of Winning endeavours to determine what effect the Jose Mourinho show will have on Manchester United as a football club and the Premier League as a whole by tackling eight key questions including the following:

When Manchester United signed Jose Mourinho as manager, Ed Woodward described him as: “quite simply the best manager in the game today”. Is Mourinho the best manager in the game?

“Football is a human science and not a sports science.” What is the management approach of Jose Mourinho?

“A United manager wouldn’t do that.” – Sir Bobby Charlton. Can Manchester United tolerate the dark side of Jose Mourinho?

“The cult of celebrity means managers are now arguably more important than playing-staff.” Paul Wilson, The Guardian. What is the role of the modern day Premier League manager and how has this changed over the years?


“Once a Blue, always a Red?”

Can a manager who is so recognisably a Blue become a Red



Fergie’s Finest: Sir Alex Ferguson’s First x11 (Endeavour Press, May 2013)

The Pride of All Europe: Manchester United’s Greatest Seasons in the European Cup (Endeavour Press, June 2014)

Louis van Gaal: Dutch Courage (Endeavour Press, August 2015)



A must read for any red. Scott the Red, Editor: Republik of Mancunia United Blog

The perfect gift for the red devil in your life! Sam Sharp, Manchester United fan

 Buy it now! Michael Hopkins, Manchester United fan


 A very enjoyable trip down memory lane. Goodreads Reviewer

 The book succeeds in encapsulating the hopes, dreams, disappointments and joys of so many different eras. Manchester United fan review on Amazon



Great research and insight make this a supreme football biography. Cool Reviews

 Excellent insight into this complex character. Nigel Craig, Amazon Reviewer