I’m delighted to announce the publication of my short story ‘The Tennessee Nostradamus’, in the July 2015 issue of  Five59 Literary Magazine.

If you’re interested in writing horror/ dark fiction, then you could do worse than have a quick scan through my tips and hints in Skylightrain magazine, here. Or if you fancy reading a different type of short story, why not have a look at my short story menu here.

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CoverMy short story Greenfields has been published in the Summer 2015 Mappa-Mundi-themed issue of Sein und Werden. Cartography and geography (obviously) feature in each of the stories in the issue, so why don’t you navigate yourself Greenfields to read my tale, and then take a recce around the Contents page (which also features landmark writing from authors such as Gary Budgen, Allen Ashley and B Drew Collier)?

As well as being about mapping, my story is also about football. Rachel Kendall, who edits and runs Sein, tells me it is the first football-themed story she’s ever accepted!

So take a look. Go on, you know you want to…



Photographer credit: Steve Evans. Leeds Central Library, 6th June 2015

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More Big Bookend pics.

Cover mageCouldn’t make the Big Bookend Festival in Leeds at the weekend in order to watch me in ‘The Conversation’ with Richard Smyth or to pick up any of the signed, discounted COLLECTOR’S EDITION copies of my novels? Well never fear because I have a limited number of books STILL AVAILABLE for purchase at an AMAZON BUSTING price of £7 INCLUDING P&P (to UK destinations).

If you’d like to take advantage of this incredible offer, please email me (andrewkirby (92) @ btinternet.com) and I’ll provide purchase information. Payments can be made by Credit or Debit card or by Paypal.

The books on offer are Bully, When Elephants Walk Through the Gorbals, The Art of Ventriloquism, and Paint this Town Red.

Arts website The State of the Arts is featuring a preview of the Big Bookend Festival today. You can read it here.

ps. Don’t forget about my event on Saturday 6th June at Leeds Central Library. Details can be found on my Amazon Author Page in the Events section.

There’s an excellent feature in the (online version of) The Yorkshire Evening Post regarding the forthcoming Leeds Big Bookend Festival. You can read it here.

Remember, folks, I’ll be appearing at the Festival alongside my fellow West Yorkshire author Richard Smyth, on Saturday 6th June at 1pm at the Leeds Central Library.

Richard Smyth and I will be appearing at an event in aid of the Leeds Big Bookend Festival in 2 weeks’ time (on Saturday 6th June at 1pm at the Leeds Central Library) and in order to whet your appetite, I’m delighted to bring you a review (from the Culture Vulture website) of the ls13 anthology which was published at the inaugural Bookend event 2 years ago, featuring the writing of ‘the best 20 writers under 40 from/ living in Leeds today’. Richard and I were both in the book, and you can read a review of it here. And you can buy the book here. And you can attend the event on 6th June by booking tickets FREE here.

ls13 review