Small Man Syndrome

Small Man CoverOUT NOW from Wild Wolf Publishing, the new dark fiction extravaganza from AJ Kirby, Small Man Syndrome.

“A fascinating story” – Horror Novel Reviews…

“I don’t often say Wow! In my reviews, but the start of this novel surely deserves it…” – D.F. Lewis, Real-Time Reviews

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One stressed-out, terrified, instinctive choice is all it takes to send the lives of Dale Lightwood and his family into a terrifying downward spiral.

Whilst on holiday in France, the Lightwoods are involved a road traffic accident in which a cyclist is killed. Dale faces a terrible moral choice but, in the crucial moment, chooses wrongly: he chooses to flee the scene.

SMALL MAN SYNDROME explores the consequences of this choice for Dale and his family; it journeys into the heart of darkness of Dale’s guilt as he tries to cope with what he’s done, even as sinister external agencies try to force his hand and make him admit to what he’s done.

As the police close in, as the strange shadowy hooded figures Dale sees stalking him and even as his own mind starts to run out of his control, the tension is ratcheted up to the highest notch. Dale’s Napoleon-complex grows to the point that it becomes a very real monster inside him. And now it has killed one, it has a taste for blood.

Can the Lightwoods find a way out?

Will Dale admit to what he had done?

And who are the mysterious figures in hooded robes, haunting the periphery of the action?


  • ” This is a fascinating story.” A brief excerpt from the fantastic 5/5 review on Horror Novel Reviews. Read the full review here.
  • ” I don’t often say Wow! In my reviews, but the start of this novel surely deserves it…” (…)  “Uniquely, naggingly striking…” (…) “A staggeringly thought-provoking ending, both frightening and fulfilling…”  From the Des Lewis Real-Time review. Follow it here.
  • “…a quirky gem of a tale…”. “A fantastic read!!!”, Monique Lomino, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Real Gothic horror . A page turner, too.” Raymond Kirby, Amazon Reviewer