Shouting into an Empty Cave

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Our heroine is a call-vetters on a local radio talk show. It is her job to weed out the ‘loonies’ in order that the Davie Kutch show is fit for air. Only, one day, she receives a call which shatters all of her illusions about her life, her family and her identity. ‘Shouting into an Empty Cave’ is a story of communication gone awry. It’s a story which considers how secrets and lies within a family can have such wide-reaching effects.


– John Johnson, Amazon reader: “good read would recommend”

– DF Lewis, author: “This work, I sense, is Kirby writing at full throttle, a compelling tale of a first person narrative by a female extensively evoking her life from teenage years onward until she gets a job at a radio station as a phone-in call-sifter. But that tells you nothing about the sheer silky flow of the text and its images, concepts, idioms, similes, emotions, nuances, poignancies and so forth, as if she has a ghost writer telling the story like a ventriloquist through you the reader, but that, at least, was what I felt.”

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