Cover Image SharkBuy Sharkways as an ebook or paperback from here.

Bill Minto is a world-weary property developer. His marriage is on the rocks. His health is failing. His cut-cornered projects constantly threaten to come back and haunt him. So when a mysterious caller offers him the job of a lifetime – all he must do is excavate the hidden tunnels under a country house—he jumps at the chance. But it soon becomes clear Bill is not alone in the tunnels. A past he’d long believed hidden lurches after him in the darkness, smelling blood. And guilt.


– Matt Molgaard’s Horror Novel Reviews: “Kirby ratchets the tension up to ten and delivers a gratifying finale…” Read the full review here.

– Hellnotes: Horror Genre Reviews: “The final act is delivered with such finesse it enables the reader to fill in the blanks of their own conclusion and after all, isn’t that what effective story telling is all about?” Read the full review here.

– Anna Stephens The Writer:  “A must-read novella for Halloween and those long, dark nights of winter which are coming…” Read the full review here.

– Marilyn Baron, author of The Edger: “Sharkways will haunt you…”

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