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hangIt’s Christmas Eve, and behind door twenty-four, we’ve another treat for you. The tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve goes way back. Today, if you’d like, I have a free ghost story for you to read around the fire. But be warned. This isn’t an easy read or listen. Hangingstone is available as a free ebook download from Amazon from today (for the next five days) and if you’d like to download it, please go here. Alternatively, if you’d like to part with a little cash for your treat this Christmas Eve, you might be interested in another of my ghostly tales, the recently released Deafening, which you can read as an ebook or print novella by going here.


‘Hangingstone’ is a supernatural tale of madness, motherhood, and revenge.

Set on the wild Yorkshire moorland near Ilkley, it is the story of one mother’s desperate attempts to reconcile herself with the (ghostly) child who was taken from her many years ago.

Hangingstone Rocks are two monoliths of millstone grit which look out upon the seemingly idyllic town of Ilkley, a place which has stored up a wealth of terrible memories, particularly in its treatment of our less than fortunate mother, who returns to the rocks again and again in order to try and find a way back into the past, to the moment her child was taken away from her.

By the Amazon top-selling dark fiction author of ‘Bully’, ‘Sharkways’, ‘Paint this town Red’, ‘The Black Book’, and ‘The Haunting of Annie Nicol’.

kpBehind door number twenty-three, my publishers White House Press have another freebie treat in store for you: they’ve given me the details to pass on regarding a free promo for another of the writers in their stable, Andy Jacobi, who won their First Novel Award in 2014 for this brilliant novel, Kidney Punch. You can download the free ebook by following this link.



Shane Jackett is a fighter, born and bred.
He’s had to fight for everything, all his life.
It is all he knows how to do.

But when his family is threatened to be torn apart for a second time, Shane faces a terrible choice.

Unflinching in its honesty, and often brutal in its outlook, ‘Kidney Punch’ is the story of Shane’s coming to terms with his own masculinity in a world where there are a severe lack of adequate role models.

It’s a story about men escaping from responsibility, through drinking, fighting, running away.

It’s about trying to do the right thing when things get so bad it is not even clear what the right thing is.

This is the first novel by North-West England-based author, ANDY JACOBI, and it is already garnering high-praise from critics.

Behind door number twenty-two is my sinister short story ‘Death by Insurance Salesman’, which appeared in Sein und Werden magazine’s Not Quite Human issue. You can read the story by following this link.

There’s another free fiction short behind door number twenty-one in your A.J. Kirby advent calendar. Follow this link to read (for free) my short ‘Behind the scenes at the London tour’, which was published by Wordland magazine.

gavelBehind door number twenty is another FREE EBOOK. Today’s offering is my novella, The Gavel, and it will be available on Amazon FOR FREE until Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve!) Find it by following this link.


White-collar crime has never had such devastating consequences…

Ian Hopewell is in the dock. He is the face of corporate greed and he stands accused of contributing to the global financial crisis because of his fast and loose investment policies.

But this isn’t an ordinary court. This court is marsupial and likes bouncing across the Australian outback on two spring-like legs. And Farmer Bray is no ordinary judge. No, he’s full of Old Testament rage at men like Hopewell. ‘In my experience,’ he says, ‘those who beg for mercy seldom deserve it.’

But does Ian Hopewell deserve his cruel fate, which is sealed the moment Bray cracks the gavel down in righteous judgement? This chilling fable explores the case through Hopewell’s eyes, examining some of the crucial decisions which lead him to the end of the road and the brutal vengeance which will be meted out to him by Bray and his sons.

AJ Kirby is the author of the novels ”Perfect World’, When Elephants Walk Through The Gorbals’, ‘Sharkways’, ‘Paint This Town Red’, ‘Bully’, and ‘The Magpie Trap’. He lives in Leeds, UK, with his partner Heidi, and son Leon.

Behind door number nineteen is another FREE story for you. This one’s a flash fiction entitled ‘The Editor’, which was published to mark National Short Story Day in Flash Flood magazine. You can read the story for free here.