Mix Tape

Cover ImageBuy Mix Tape as an ebook or a paperback now.

Welcome to the first volume of the collected works of writer A.J. Kirby. There’s something in this mix for everyone; from straight literary fiction to horror and from flights of the fantastic to bizarro. Stick your feet up, crank up your favourite tunes and enjoy! Features previously published stories such as ‘No Two Snowflakes are the Same’, ‘The Sticky End of the Wrong’, ‘By Hook or by Crook’, and ‘The One Wish Foundation.’

Mix Tape contains over twenty stories. From an old man who finds his lost wedding ring inside a cabbage to a shadowy magician who makes his audience ‘disappear’ and from an autograph hunter to a man who believes that he holds the fate of the whole world in his hands, from a sinister web-stalker on the search for a male stripper who he believes has had an affair with his wife to a skeleton in a closet, this collection takes the reader along the rock-road journeys through the weird, the wonderful and the wild.


– Alex Thornber, The Short Review: “Kirby’s Mix Tape is aptly named, for not every story in here will please everyone but every one is written brilliantly. Kirby has a great talent for writing well across genre boundaries and therefore has something special to offer readers with wide and varying tastes.” Read the full review here, and read AJ Kirby interviewed by The Short Review here.





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