The Policy of Truth

pOLICY OF Truth Front CoverBuy now as an ebook or a paperback.

“In my line of work you kind of get to know other people’s stories. I used to call it ‘the osmosis of carrying the sack’. I’m the mailman and I carry your secrets.

Once you get down to the brass-tacks of it, life behind the hedges and up the garden paths of brassy north east Leeds resembles a soap opera. And where there is brass there is indeed muck.

I can’t resist riffling out a few letters every day. I take them home, steam them open, get comfy in my chair and then feast on the truth of them.”

But what happens when the truth occurs a little closer to home? What happens when you find out a terrible secret which could tear a family apart?

What happens when the truth becomes too much to bear?


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