Things Won’t Fix

Things wont fix cover mockupBuy Things Won’t Fix from Amazon now.

Kirstie Smith’s nickname is Kirst, and she believes she is cursed. She’s lost her boyfriend, her job, her self-esteem. She’s in danger of losing her house too.

It all goes back to one bad mistake she’s made. A mistake which has the potential to change her whole life. She believes she’s been somehow chosen to become a kind of magnet to which all the bad stuff in life can get attracted.

Alex Chase also has an apt name. He’s chasing seemingly unattainable dreams, on the hunt for fame at any price. He too thinks he’s been chosen, only, for a very different fate.

But Alex’s luck is running out, he’s starting to get found out. And, more worryingly, he’s being chased by a mysterious bald man in a charcoal suit, a man who has something very important to tell him.

Things Won’t Fix is a black comedy novel which lays bare the world of work in this difficult financial climate.  It also examines how human relationships fare when they are squeezed by so many outside influences.

As Alex and Kirstie’s lives weave and dance around each other, will they be able to escape?
And will it be together?

The novel is very readable and quirky, containing a strong sense of intrigue right from the start, with close attention paid to pace. The contrast between Kirstie’s desperation and Alex’s laid-back attitude is the crux of the novel, and their character arcs inform the narrative.

However, this is more than just a tale of two halves however. In a way, it is a character study of a modern city in recession. It’s a State of the City novel.


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