Ace Cameron and the Red Peril

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Leeds Angeles, 2019:

It is the best of times and the worst of times. The gap between rich and poor has never been greater. The rich live in gated communities out in the countryside, living the cosseted lives they deserve because they’ve been bred that way.

The Dickensian poor have been allowed to remain in the cities, but the cities are not comfortable places. They’ve been left to stagnate into a state of managed decline. Buildings and hopes are collapsing. Perimeter fencing, curfews and sheer poverty are the only things which have kept the peasants from revolting, until now…

Now something is changing. The Reds, led by a sinister man known only as X, have infiltrated the city and are polluting the minds of the citizens.
Ace Cameron, a bounty hunter extraordinaire from the old, bold days, has been brought back from retirement, back into the loop… Back from the dead, some of his colleagues say.

Only Ace has the wherewithal and classical training, the ruddy chutzpah, to be able to face up to X.

A battle for the souls of humanity will come to pass…

From the mind that brought you Paint this town Red, Bully, Perfect World, The Black Book, The Haunting of Annie Nicol, and The Magpie Trap, comes the comic, hard-boiled superhero for our uncertain times…



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