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shortfictionA quick update on my short fiction. I’ve had quite a lot of acceptances over the past few weeks (for the full list go here: and there’s some moving and shaking in terms of new stories you can read.

First up, my piece ‘The Kings of the Swingers’, will feature in Australia’s Roar and Thunder magazine on 1 December. To read it, visit the website here:

Next, my story ‘Ashes to Ashes’ has been snapped up by Pen and Plot.

And finally, my story ‘Temperance’ has been acquired by the closer-to-home (Scottish) publication, Two Hundred by 200.

Also watch this space for news on the release of my sci-fi novelette, ‘The Rabble-Rousing Rhetoric and Propagandist Images of the Nu Gen Government under Mace Clark’, which will be published by the South African publishers Fox and Raven.


Front and Back Cover Sneak PreviewMy publishers, Endeavour Press, are running a 99p promo on Fergie’s Finest at the moment.

You can check it out here:

41PUi0d7CEL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-65,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_My dark fiction shorts collection Trickier & Treatier is on a weekend free promo, from November 22, 2013 to November 25, 2013. To get your hands on a copy, go here:

Here’s the write-up: From the bloodied pen of critically acclaimed horror author AJ Kirby comes this new and terrifying collection of 8 bloodcurdling horror shorts.

These are short, sharp, shocking stories from the darker side of the street. They are viceral tales of body horror. They are tales of bloodthirsty beasts on the prowl. They are stories of madness and mayhem, and of things that go bump in the night.

This book is a must-read for horror fans, and those who’ve already enjoyed Kirby’s works such as ‘Paint this town Red’, ‘Bully’, ‘Sharkways’, ‘Perfect World’ and ‘The Haunting of Annie Nicol’.

Teeth cover strrip

My psychological horror short, Teeth, which has been previously published in the Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, and Oh My! anthology edited by Eve Paludan is now being released as a Kindle single on Amazon (it will also be available from all other good stores). Initially the short will be released as an ebook, with a print version ready for a Christmas release. Search for TEETH BY AJ KIRBY on Amazon.

“Advertising executive Ross Marker is a perfectionist. He prides himself on his perfectly manicured hands, his perfectly trim figure, and his immaculate hair. Mostly he prides himself on his toothpaste-commercial smile…But what happens when Ross’s teeth suddenly, inexplicably begin to fall out?”

TEETH is a dark fiction short which is full of the usual AJ Kirby thrills and spills.  Marker’s nightmare is psychological, but it is also very, very real…

Cover Image KindleMy novelette, Blink, is now available in trade paperback. Initially available from the Createspace store only, it will be available from all good outlets within the week. To get your hands on a copy of the book, follow this link:

Here’s the write-up:

A group of common-or-garden scientists and engineers plot a course for Planet 121-131, a new planet which they figure has the potential to be terraformed into a new Earth.

Upon reaching the planet, they begin to perform tests on it, slowly understanding that the place seems to disobey all known physical laws.

Indeed, this unknown, extreme planet gradually reveals itself as so far out of leftfield that it throws everything the crew know about themselves, and the universe into question. The planet bends truth and reality, it blinks in and out of existence.

This Schrodinger’s cat of a place wants them nowhere near it, but curiosity draws them closer and closer to it, like a force field, until the ultimate confrontation is reached.

Does curiosity kill the cats?

This philosophical science fiction tale comes from the much-praised pen of the genre-writing tyro, AJ Kirby, the author of Sharkways, Paint this town Red, Perfect World and Bully.

…I’ve been messing around a bit and I’ve created the below graphic which shows a number of the worldwide locations in which I’ve been published, including South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, and of course the UK… Just wish I’d actually been to all of those places.


Great news. The South African publisher, Fox and Raven Publishing, have accepted my short story ‘The Nu-Gen Government’ for publication. It is slated to appear in December 2013.

You can find out more about Fox and Raven by visiting their website here:

Fox and Reven Scifi

Here’s how they introduce themselves on the site:

“Fox & Raven Publishing was born out of the distinct and irrevocable desire to publish powerful books. By powerful, we mean the kind of books that make the reader want to rip their hair out, sob into pages of glorious prose, scream with excitement as they pore over a new chapter on a train. The kind of books that change people’s lives.

Arguably, it all began with that infamous book, The Hobbit. When Marius du Plessis, founder of Fox & Raven, read it at age 9, everything changed. Books became portals to new worlds; limitless worlds. Worlds where anything was possible.

And* now, Fox & Raven is one more such portal. So make yourself a cup of Earl Grey, open up that book, and enjoy the ride.
* Yes, we start our sentences with conjunctions. Eat it.”

I’ll bring you full details of how you can read the sci-fi short in due course.