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A.J Kirby’s stories are available in a variety of formats – in print (in magazines, anthologies and journals), on the web, or on podcast. He has been published by well-respected literary publications from Litro to Dead Ink, all across the world from New Zealand to Argentina.

    • ‘Swallowing the Evidence’, and ‘The Pacemaker’, to be published by Palm-Sized Press in the ‘Retrospective’ issue: details of publication date and how to pre-order copies to follow (Release date 2017)
    • ‘Wretched is my Name’, to be published by Idle Ink, date TBC (2017)
    • ‘Kamikaze’, to be published on the Legend Press blog, date TBC (2017)
    • ‘X-Marks the Spot’, published by FishFood magazine, June 2017
    • Neighbours‘, published by Armley Press, December 2016
    • ‘Shaking hands with myself’, published in Avis Magazine, issue 3, November 2016
    • ‘A Couple Rough Beasts Slouching into this Burg or That’, published in Wordland 7: Mountebanks, ed Allen Ashley, November 2016
    • ‘Chaos Theory and the Dregs of the Primordal Ooze’, published in Issue 1 of Oval Magazine, December 2015
    • ‘A Thousand Words for Yesterday, None for Tomorrow’,published in the end of year review 2015 from Onyx Neon Shorts
    • ‘How to get rid of unwanted house guests’, published by White House Press as an exclusive Christmas Chills Short, December 2015
    • ‘The Ex-Quizzit Corpse’, published in Issue 1 of Abstract Jam magazine, December 2015
    • ‘In the Mean Time’, published in the debut issue of Scrittura Magazine, September 2015
    • ‘The Tennessee Nostradamus’, published in Issue 5 of Five59 Literary Magazine, July 2015
    • Greenfields‘, published in the Mappa Mundi issue of Sein und Werden, Summer 2015
    • A Message Blu-Tacked to the Office Door of John D. Marsh, Assistant Operations Manager, JHC Technology Ltd‘, published in the ‘susurrus’-themed issue of Storyboard Magazine, April 2015
    • What Happened When The Rodeo Came To Town‘, ublished by The Zodiac Review, March 2015.
    • ‘The Girl who stunk of Sun’, to be published in Forging Freedom II, an anthology from Freedom Forge Press, February 2015
    • A Simple Choice’, published in Wordland 5: True Love, January 2015

For a full history of AJ Kirby’s over 130 published short stories go here.

Visit AJ Kirby’s author page on Amazon here.


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