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You know that faceless, nameless security guard you just riddled with bullets in your favourite shoot ‘em up? You don’t, do you? He matters to you not one iota. But he knows you. He’s been waiting, the pixels of him blending in with those of the digitally-generated furniture. And now he’s angry. He doesn’t want to be the concluding image of an all-Earth hero’s power play. He wants to be more; he wants to mean more. And not just in relation to the good guy, Mace Clark.

Meet Carruthers. By night he lurks amongst the Bine Towers which control knowledge and information. By day he frequents the worst kind of gin-joints along the gutter-like basement levels. And in between he dreams of revenge for the humiliation Mace Clark has rained down upon his head.

This action-packed, politically-charged text explores the shades of good and evil, and the dangers of propaganda and imagery. When communication becomes so short-hand as to boil a man down to a comedy meme, what is it we lose?

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