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The Daily Express is this week using a quote from my book Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning as (another) stick with which to beat (the delightful) Manchester United manager. Here’s a link to the piece – scroll down for the quote (and the pull-out).

And remember to buy your copy of the book while stocks last (or while Jose lasts) from here.



My recent novel I Am Just Going Outside features in the December 2018 issue of Writers’ News magazine, in the Subscriber Spotlight section. There’s a snippet below.

Remember to join the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #outsidenovel, or, if you haven’t bought your copy of the book yet, go here.

Outside Writers News

The first review of I Am Just Going Outside and May Be Some Time has now been posted to Amazon… and it’s a good one. Four stars. Thanks to Al Devey for this.

You can buy the book here, and you can join the conversation on social media by following the hashtag: #outsidenovel.



Also wants me to watch Paddington 2 for some reason… Not exactly the same audience as for Outside…

Amazon recommend

I’m guest blogging today regarding my new novel I Am Just Going Outside and May Be Some Time on the Leeds Big Bookend blog.

You can read it here. And you can buy the book here.

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Outside smallerIt arrives, heralded by the drumroll of thunder and forked tongues of lightning. It arrives, kicking and screaming, bellyaching – it’s wanted to be out for weeks, and now it is. It arrives, armed to the teeth and bearing a grudge. It arrives, my new book: I Am Just Going Outside and May Be Some Time, produced by those lovely folk at Wild Wolf Publishing (who were also responsible for Bully, Paint this town Red and Small Man Syndrome).

You can read all about it here.

And you can get your sticky paws on a copy by following this link. Tell your friends; tell your family. And join the conversation on Twitter (search for the hashtag: #outsidenovel).

Wild Wolf Publishing have confirmed the exact release date for my new novel I am going outside and may be some time. It’ll hit the stores on 27 July 2018. It’s a date which has been momentous throughout history. According to Wikipedia in 1054, Siward, Earl of Northumbria invaded Scotland and defeated Macbeth, King of Scotland, somewhere near the Firth of Forth. In 1890, Vincent van Gogh shot himself. He would die two days later. In 1930, Shirley Williams, the British politician and academic was born. Around 55 years later she would stay at our house. In 1960, the American singer-songwriter Conway Savage was born. He never stayed at our house. In 1974, The House of Representatives voted to impeach Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandal. On 27 July last year, the American playwright Sam Shepard died, but this year, there’ll be a literary event of a different magnitude/ gravity.

So remember to look the book up on Amazon on this famous day in history. Cheers!