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The Pride of all Europe has pulled in another 5-star review on Amazon (thanks to whoever wrote it). Here it is:


And remember, if you’ve still not bought a copy, it’s well worth a look in this football-less moment

poteFollowing on from last week’s smash hit The Pride of all Europe promo on Amazon, we’ve gone bonkers and are offering ANOTHER brilliant promo so you can get your hands on the book for less than the price of a swift half.

For 99p – yes, that’s right: 99 pence – YOU can read the story of Manchester United’s Greatest Seasons in the European Cup.

So stop Amazon right now and buy one!

My short story My Mam’s Tougher than Your Mam has been published by Jotters United in their spirit-themed Issue 5 magazine. You can read it online here.





And you can read the rest of the magazine here.




Presentation1What with all this publicity I’m giving The Pride of all Europe, poor Sir Alex Ferguson must be feeling somewhat left out. So I’m delighted to bring you the news that Fergie’s Finest continues to garner excellent reviews, most recently on 15th July 2014, when the book achieved yet another 5-star review, this time from the to-the-point Paul Forrester, who wrote simply: “great book.”

The book now has 11 four, or five starred reviews, and has an average score of a nearly perfect five.

ff reviews


If you’re looking for some new fiction to read on your summer holidays, take a look at the tasty treats I have listed on my Amazon author page here.

pote…for the first Amazon review of The Pride of all Europe. This one’s a little biased, but I like to think the five stars are well earned!

My favourite snippet: “The book succeeds in encapsulating the hopes, dreams, disappointments and joys of so many different eras. Just the right time to re-live them! A great read for any red.”


jottersunitedI’ve been chuntering away about Manchester United quite a bit on this blog recently, mainly thanks to the fact I’ve a new book out (as you may have heard). I’m still talking United today… Only, it’s a different United. This time Jotters United, an online writing collective which have agreed to publish my short story ‘My Mam’s tougher than Your Mam’ in their Spirit-themed issue, which is due out soon.

To find out more about Jotters United and to read back issues of their magazine, follow this link.

And to read more of my short fiction check out the Menu here.

Or buy my all-new novelette, NU-GEN.