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A group of common-or-garden scientists and engineers plot a course for Planet 121-131, a new planet which they figure has the potential to be terraformed into a new Earth.

Upon reaching the planet, they begin to perform tests on it, slowly understanding that the place seems to disobey all known physical laws.

Indeed, this unknown, extreme planet gradually reveals itself as so far out of leftfield that it throws everything the crew know about themselves, and the universe into question. The planet bends truth and reality, it blinks in and out of existence.

This Schrodinger’s cat of a place wants them nowhere near it, but curiosity draws them closer and closer to it, like a force field, until the ultimate confrontation is reached.

Does curiosity kill the cats?

This philosophical science fiction tale comes from the much-praised pen of the genre-writing tyro, AJ Kirby, the author of Sharkways, Paint this town Red, Perfect World and Bully.

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