About Paint this town Red

Paint this town Red cover

Limm is a small town on a picturesque tidal island. For much of every day it is cut off from the rest of civilisation.

Its people are insular. Self-sufficiency runs in their blood. Myth and superstition have become their currency.
But what will happen to this close-knit community when the deepest, darkest of these myths starts to come to life, red in tooth and claw?
What happens when the island comes under siege from external forces, hell-bent on tearing the place apart?
The moon waxes. The tide of Darkness swells. Soon it will reach high-tide, and all the pretty Dark things which have heretofore remained hidden will come out to play.
Will come to Paint the Town Red…
Only the unlikeliest bunch of reluctant heroes stand in its way. Will they discover their bravery in time?”
“Like Jaws on land…” Cassandra Parkin, author of the 2011 Scott-Prize winning New World Fairy Tales.
More Praise for AJ Kirby:
“Reading this book is like trying to get to sleep after drinking too many vodka red bulls…” Leeds Student Newspaper.
The work of “a talented writer”. There are ‘moments of genuine intensity in the action scenes”. Gorezone Magazine.
“Reminds me of the film Cul De Sac (set on Lindisfarne), shaken up with a healthy dose of thrills, chills and bellyaches.” Manor House Book Reviews.
Buy now from Amazon UK, or from Amazon US.

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